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Homeopathy in Oral Care

, Homeopathy in Oral Care, BioSmile Dentistry Santa Monica, CA
, Homeopathy in Oral Care, BioSmile Dentistry Santa Monica, CA

Homeopathic remedies (#homeopathy) have been very useful in #dentistry over the years for the management of conditions affecting orofacial structures, providing rapid #relief.

Among some of them we have:

#Belladonna, which is useful for toothache, early dental abscess, bruxism and dry socket.

– Natrum muriaticum is used for cold sores and fever blisters, angular cheilitis and cracked lips.

– Chamomilla is very useful for a toothache.

– Arsenicum album is used for bleeding gums, for diseases involving the pulp and periapical region.

#Borax can be given for oral candidiasis, aphthous ulcers, and oral lichen planus.

#Aconite can be used for panic, fright, general mental and physical restlessness or sudden violent attacks, and trigeminal neuralgia.

#Phosphorous is the drug of choice for conditions related to salivation; it can also be used to control postsurgical bleeding.

– Arnica is used for dental trauma or post-operative procedures such as dental surgeries, deep fillings, and fractures.

-Hypercium is very useful for nerve pain and dental trauma.