A Naturally Safe Way to Remove Infection!

Dr. Catala Boisvert, biomimetic dentistry in Santa Monica, CA, offers Ozone Dental Therapy, also known as O3, an effective natural treatment that offers a wide array of benefits, including significantly reducing the presence of oral bacteria and inflammation and is an outstanding preventative treatment to help a patient avoid the need to undergo a root canal treatment.

Ozone dental therapy is a holistic treatment that significantly reduces the presence of harmful oral bacteria. We use it in form of water, gas, and oils. Tremendous benefits are being observed, among others, for gum disease and deep decays. It is a great natural way to keep teeth alive and avoid root canal treatments when decays are close to the nerve.

By using ozonated water or gas to blow into the micropores of a tooth, our team of holistic dental experts will not only eliminate harmful bacteria and infection using enriched oxygen but will improve your oral hygiene and protect your overall health without harming any healthy cells in the process.


At BioSmile Dentistry, ozone therapy is used as part of, or an adjunct to, many treatments.

  • Mercury-Safe Dentistry – As part of the amalgam removal process, ozone helps to detoxify the body.
  • Dental Caries – Ozone kills cavity-causing bacteria and reverses early decay, often avoiding drilling and filling.
  • Gum Disease – Sanitizing periodontal pockets and root surfaces helps to avoid bacterial re-invasion.
  • Tooth and Bone Infection – Ozone boosts the body’s immune response
  • Soft Tissue Abscesses and Ulcerations – Ozone brings fast relief from cold and canker sores
  • Extraction – Ozone cleanses the socket and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal by increasing localized circulation.
  • Sensitivity – Ozone helps to harden compromised tooth structure, reducing sensitivity from acid erosion or soft enamel. It also hardens root surfaces exposed by gum recession.

Ozone therapy is just one of many benefits of advanced dentistry. Dr. Lorène Catala Boisvert and the team of BioSmile Dentistry in Santa Monica are committed to helping you enjoy optimal health and wellness, using safe, natural products and techniques. If you are ready to discover a different kind of dental care, call us at (310) 310-4696 to schedule an appointment.


From general cleanings to fillings as a vital part of holistic dentistry, Ozone dental therapy is an ideal minimally-invasive way to kill harmful oral bacteria without any poking or prodding. Ozone neutralizes oral acidity, altering pH levels, so damaging oral bacteria is eradicated, leading to a healthier mouth and teeth.  Not only does ozone therapy help patients dealing with gum disease or early cavities, but it can also prevent the spread of infection to helping maintain a healthy mouth and teeth.

Ozone Therapy Benefits:

  • Prevents and treats infection
  • High levels of comfort and Naturally safe
  • No drills or invasive procedures
  • The tooth can heal and become strong again
  • Enhances your body’s immune response
  • Reduces and treats gum disease and cavities
  • Treats minor to average tooth decay
  • Encourages better blood flow
  • Promotes a quicker healing response
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