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Still have amalgam fillings? Remove them with our Protect Protocol!

, Still have amalgam fillings? Remove them with our Protect Protocol!, BioSmile Dentistry Santa Monica, CA

Do you happen to know this about amalgam “silver” fillings?

-These fillings are actually 50% mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive metal on Earth

-Mercury is a potent neurotoxin

-Mercury vapor is released from these fillings with every bite and swallow, and especially if you are a clencher/grinder! Make sure to get them analyzed and safely removed!!

-This mercury can harbor in various vital organs and contribute to a wide array of systemic health problems.

While following the strict guidelines of our Protect protocol, we protect your head, your face and your body with special covers, and we use a specific bur to collect the amalgam in chunks, so that we can safely put them aside in a box to protect the #environment. These remnants are being sent out and safely discharged in a special facility.

We make sure that no particles get into your mouth, and thus your body, by using our #Isolite (we make sure we isolate the area completely) or a rubber dam, and our high volume suction. We thoroughly rinse your mouth with charcoal to make sure all particles have been removed.

While working on the removal of your amalgam fillings our air vacuum is on close to your mouth, to suction any mercury vapor; our #HEPA filter air purifier is also on, to make sure the room stays mercury free during and after our procedure!

Our technique is certified by the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (#IADBM), which means that we got you covered!