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What is Ozone Dentistry?

, What is Ozone Dentistry?, BioSmile Dentistry Santa Monica, CA

Ozone dentistry involves minimally invasive techniques with powerful antibacterial, anti viral and anti fungal properties.

#Ozone (or O3) is a chemical compound composed of 3 oxygen atoms. The compound is known as “an excited oxygen form” which, when released, reacts to remove the third oxygen atom to return to O2. 

When ozone is applied to the surface of your teeth or your gum tissues, oxygen shoots through spaces around decayed areas or affected tissues. The ozone gas neutralizes the acid in teeth or gum tissue bacteria, stopping it before it can spread to the surface or the roots of the tooth. As a result of the chemical reaction, ozone kills bacteria, halts cavities in their track and helps restore your healthy oral flora by removing harmful bacteria.

Dr. Boisvert uses ozone on a daily basis in #restorative #dentistry to tentatively keep the tooth alive, when a cavity is close to the nerve, and to reduce post operative sensitivities, as ozone assists in the process of recalcification needed for teeth to remain healthy.

She also uses ozone for periodontal disease via gas injected or delivered through trays, and by using ozonated oils. The trays expose the mouth to ozone gas by circulating through and destroying any harmful bacteria in its way. This procedure is quick. By using these #minimally invasive techniques she has been very successful in avoiding root canals on deeply decayed teeth and in the control of gum disease. 

When applied to a whitening gel, ozone gas can also increase the whitening of teeth while reducing sensitivities, resulting in a genuinely vibrant smile anyone would be proud to show off!

Among these multiple dental and gum tissue benefits, ozone dentistry can also be effective in:

  • reducing pain in patients with sensitive teeth to temperature
  • soothing effects of dry mouth
  • reducing disease in infected jaw bones
  • treating a circulatory disorder often found in lower/upper jaw
  • treating the #herpes virus in the mouth area
  • treating poorly healed wounds and inflammation

Scheduling an initial consultation is an excellent start to determine if you are a good candidate. We will evaluate your medical and dental history, and we will address any immediate issues you report to determine the best ozone treatment for your unique case.

By utilizing these amazingly advanced procedures, you can preserve more of your natural healthy teeth and gum tissues for a beautiful long-term #smile!